Mr Ellis respects patient decision and informs the patient of all stages of treatment and I receive excellent feedback regularly from patients regarding their referral/treatment process.


Outpatients and How to make an Outpatients Appointment

Simon’s practice management team make appointments to see him at all the hospitals where he practices. Victoria and her colleagues can be reached on 01622 620920 or and they will talk through which appointments are available at the hospital of your choice. 

They will ask if you have had any previous X-rays or MRI scans as it is very helpful for Simon to see these at the consultation – and as long as you can remember where this was done they will source the imaging for you.

If you are insured you will need to see your GP first as your insurance provider will not authorise your appointment with Simon without a referral letter from your GP. If you are planning to pay for your consultation yourself, Simon will see you without a referral letter.  Although a GP letter is always useful, Simon’s primary interest is to listen to you talking about what’s happened and what your symptoms are.

During your consultation, depending on what Simon gleans from talking to you and examining your knee, he will probably need you to have an X-ray (usually for osteoarthritis) or an MRI scan (for soft tissue injury – such as cartilage or ligament).

An X-ray can be done in clinic but you usually have to book an MRI scan for a different day and time (although sometimes it is possible to arrange it on the day).

If you only have an X-ray Simon will probably be able to decide upon the next step which could be physiotherapy or surgery; however if you have an MRI scan this will need to be reported by a consultant radiologist and you will need to come back to clinic again to get your results.

At the end of your consultation Simon will dictate a letter to your GP for you to hear. This letter will then be faxed to your GP and emailed to you in encrypted form so that it is not possible for anyone other than yourself with your personal password to open it. If you are paying for your consultation yourself your invoice will be sent with your letter. If you are insured the invoice will be sent to your insurance company for them to deal with.

If Simon recommends surgery for you he will arrange a date with you. You will be contacted by the hospital where your surgery is going to take place to attend the pre-admission clinic for an assessment to ensure you are medically fit for surgery.

You will be sent a copy of Simon’s letter to your GP as well as consent information which you can also find here on the website here.