Young Adults

In addition to providing advice about knee conditions to adults, Simon is also able to offer advice along with investigation and treatment when necessary for younger patients between the age of 12 and 18.  There are stringent criteria laid down for doctors who provide treatment for younger patients which include completion of the appropriate safeguarding criteria. 

Simon has passed all of the necessary safeguarding requirements to allow him to manage this group of patients.

Essentially treatment of knee conditions for young adults is very similar to that required for adult patients with the exception that younger patients are continuing to grow and develop which means that the growing areas around the knee are still active.  The image adjacent shows the growth plates both above and below the knee which allow the leg bones to grow eventually closing at skeletal maturity.

Simon is able to see younger patients in the outpatient departments at The Spire Alexandra Hospital and One Ashford Hospital as well as at KIMS Hospital.  Simon will be able to take a history and examine the knee in question before arranging appropriate further investigation if needed.  

Often in this age group physiotherapy is the correct option and Simon will be able to refer on to an appropriate physiotherapist.

If further investigation is needed in the form of an x-ray or an MRI scan this can be carried out at either the Spire Alexandra Hospital or at KIMS. 

Simon would arrange a review following the imaging and if surgery is required this can be carried out at either The Spire Alexandra Hospital or One Ashford Hospital where patients between the age of 12 and 18 can be admitted as there is a specialist team of nurses available to provide the care needed.

Simon's practice management team will be able to arrange an appropriate appointment and suitable investigation as needed.