Mr Ellis has over 25 years experience of producing medicolegal reports for the courts.

Mr Ellis produces reports for both claimant and defendant solicitors relating to clients who have suffered personal injury.

The reports are produced following review of the client to carry out a clinical assessment. He takes great care to ensure the accuracy of his reports and offers an unbiased opinion within the conclusion.

All of these reports meet the latest requirements laid down by the courts.

In addition Mr Ellis also produces both claimant and defendant reports in relation to potential medical negligence claims. His specific area of expertise is in knee surgery.

The reports are entirely compliant with court directions and are entirely independent.

Mr Ellis is able to produce both causation and liability reports which are generally produced following review of the complete medical records and imaging as well as condition and prognosis reports which require a clinical review of the patient.

Mr Ellis' medicolegal practice is managed by Jackie, his medicolegal practice manager, who is able to arrange all aspects of his medicolegal work.

Mr Ellis can carryout medicolegal reports at any of these conveniently located hospitals:

KIMS Hospital, Maidstone - Spire Alexandra, Walderslade and ONE Ashford Hospital, Ashford

All reports are subject to VAT and Terms & Conditions.  A copy of Mr Ellis’s medicolegal CV can be obtained by clicking here.  For Terms and Conditions or any other queries please click here.